Aardwolf Tourist Guide

The guide you start out with can help you a lot throughout your journey. The guide is called "Aardwolf Newbie's Adventure & Survival Guide". This guide offers a lot of information. Should you lose your guide, you may purchase another one for 1 gold. The shop selling the guide is located, from "recall", "run 2s4en". When you get there, try out a few of the shop interface commands. Type "list" and "appraise 1". You can also type "appraise newguide". When you are done looking at the stats, type "buy 1".

Below is a copy/paste version of the guide, for easy reference.

"read newguide"

Page1: Class guild locations (for training/practicing after level 5)
Page2: Important shops around the central city of Aylor
Page3: Important help files to read before getting underway.
Page4: Channels and other forms of communication within the game.
Page5: Tips on reducing spam as you learn your way around the game.
Page6: Some good starting areas for fighting after graduating MUDschool.
Page7: Suggested equipment for beginning levels.
Page8: Other new players' frequently-asked questions.

========[ The Aardwolf Newbie's Adventure & Survival Guide: Index ]========

Welcome to Aardwolf!
We hope you'll find your time here challenging, rich, and rewarding as you
encounter the vast and vibrant experience that makes Aardwolf so precious.
Whether it's the compelling and immersive fantasy world, the delightful
side-games, or the unique community, we are sure you'll find a reason to
stay. Because Aardwolf is so expansive and involved, starting out can be a
bit daunting, so we've created the following resource as a starting primer
for our new players:

Stats & Armor                                              'help NewGuide-Stats'
Classes & Races                                           'help NewGuide-Classes'
Quest Points                                                 'help NewGuide-Quests'
Leveling                                                       'help NewGuide-Level'
City of Aylor                                                'help NewGuide-Aylor'
Exploring                                                      'help NewGuide-Explore'
Goals                                                            'help NewGuide-Goals'
Getting Help                                                 'help NewGuide-Help'
Communications - Forums & Channels       'help NewGuide-Communications'
Definitions                                                    'help NewGuide-Definitions'
Rules of Aardwolf                                        'help NewGuide-Rules'
Frequently Asked Questions                        'help NewGuide-FAQ'
Links                                                            'help NewGuide-Links'
If you want a hard-copy of this guide, you can find it in Aylor's
Library. From anywhere in Aylor, type 'find library' or 'find all'
for a list of all the primary shops.
Last updated: May 25th, 2011

Page 1

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Guilds ]========================== (page1)

As you level, you will gain skills and training sessions. To make use of
these, skills must be practiced and training sessions must be used on your
stats. You can do this at the trainers in MUD school until level 5; after
that point, you will need to use your class' guild trainer. Guild halls
can be found near the Grand Plaza, in the following locations:

Cleric: run 5sen             Psionicist: run 7s2e
Mage: run 7ses             Thief: run 7sws
Ranger: run 7s2w         Warrior: run 5swn
Paladin: run 5s2w

These are the entrances to the guild halls, not the locations of the guild
trainers themselves. Check exits and wander further inside to find your
guild trainer. You will only be able to practice skills and train stats in
the same room as a trainer. See 'help practice' and 'help train' for more

Some clans also have trainers in their public halls; you may find these as
you continue to explore more of the city of Aylor.

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Page 2

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Shops ]=========================== (page2)

Various shops are available for your perusal throughout the city of Aylor.

Healer: run n                 Cures maledictions; see 'help heal'.
Bakery: run 2s3en         Food for the hungry adventurer.
Provisions: run 2s5en     General supplies (torches, containers, etc.).
Armorers: run 2s3wn     Armor- Levels 1 & 6.
run 10s2wn                  Levels 10 & 15.
run 10s3e                     Levels 20 & 25.
Weapons: run 2s5wn     Weapons- Levels 1, 3, & 9.
Questor: run 8s             See 'help quest'.
Florist: run 2s5e2n         Send flowers to other players.
Magic Items: run 11s2w Magic wands, staves, and scrolls.
Pet Shop: run 10se         Adventuring companions- see 'help pet'.
Boat Shop: run 10sw     Boats for traversing waterways.
Apothecary: run 11s2e   Various magical potions and elixirs.
Bookworm's: run 2s4en Guides (including this one!) and maps.
Gno-Go: run 2s4e3n      Deliver items to others- see 'help send'.
Bank: run 11s               Deposit and/or withdraw money.
Chapel: run 5n              Get married- see 'help marriage'.
Jewellers: run 11s4w     Wedding rings and other jewelry.
Lottery: run 11s4e         Buy Aardwolf Lottery tickets- see 'help lottery'.

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Page 3

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Help Files ]====================== (page3)

Learning a new MUD takes a lot of patience and reading. You will often see
[Helpers] pointing to different help files on the Newbie channel. These
help files often go into great detail about how various things work here on

If you're lost at any time, read 'help newhelp'.

Make sure you have read 'help rules' and the policies files listed there.

Other help files of importance (most of these are covered in MUDschool):

help practice / help train: Increase stats and better your skills.
help cast: How to use magical spells in Aardwolf.
help consider: Learn the strength of a possible opponent before attacking.
help map: Learn about Aardwolf's map system and what the symbols mean.

Type 'contents' to see a list of help file categories and how to browse
them. 'help index' shows how to list all help files that begin with a
particular letter/letters.

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Page 4

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Channels ]======================== (page4)

The most important channel you will use is newbietalk. You have access to
this channel from levels 1 to 25, or until you reach 200 hours online time.
Please try to use this channel first, as not only are other new players
reading and responding, but Immortals and [Helpers] are available to answer
questions as well.

The advice channel will offer random bits of MUD information every 35 or
so seconds. This is an automated channel; players cannot talk on it.

The question and answer channels work as one; this is a great place to ask
about MUD information if you do not find a response on newbietalk.

The wangrp channel is a good place to find fellow groupmates for levelling.

The tech channel is a good place to ask technical questions, such as issues
with your client or problems connecting to Aardwolf.

There are many more channels available; type 'channels' to see a list. To
toggle a channel on or off, simply type its name by itself, e.g., 'tech'.

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Page 5

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Reducing Spam ]=================== (page5)

Aardwolf has a lot going on at the same time, and thus a lot of information
is sent back and forth to all the players. This can often be overwhelming
for new players.

You can stop a lot of in-room spam from others (entering and leaving the
room, wearing of equipment, etc.) by typing 'sleep'. When you want to get
back up, simply type 'stand'.

To turn off all channels at once, type 'quiet'. Type it again to turn all
current channels back on. To toggle individual channels off, type the channel
name by itself.

Using the 'run' command quickens the pace at which you walk to an area, and
greatly reduces the information you see going from room to room.

A large list of options that may be toggled on and off to control spam may
be found in 'help spamreduce'.

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Page 6

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Low-level Areas ]================= (page6)

The following paths start from the room The Grand City of Aylor (recall).
See 'help run' for more information on the run command and speedwalks.

Levels Area Speedwalk
1 to 5 MUDschool run u (See below!)
1 to 5 Lowlands run 2s8enw3nw (See below!)
1 to 5 Orchard run 2s9e2n
1 to 10 Forest of Li'Dnesh run 4ne;op n;run 2nw13n5e
5 to 20 Amusement Park run 2s8w3n2w4n19wn
5 to 20 Beer Goblins run 2s10wn2wn4wn8wn5w3sw
10 to 35 Fort Terramire run 4ne;op n;run 2nw17n7en9e4n2eu
10 to 35 Storm Mountain run 4ne;op n;run 2nw32n9e8n
10 to 40 Jungles of Verume run 2s17e2s6en15e21s2e

You will be locked out of MUDschool and Lowlands once you reach level 6.
In order to enter the Lowlands, you will need the yellow visitor's
band off the visitor at the end of MUDschool, near the combatant.

To find other popular areas for levelling and what to fight in them, use
the mobdeaths command. See 'help mobdeaths'.

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Page 7

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Starting Equipment ]============== (page7)

While you start with basic equipment provided by Mota, King of the Gods,
you will find more as you venture through MUDschool as well as in other
areas. The following are a few decent low-level items to wear:

Worn Object Stats Area
Ear             A chrome safetypin +5 hp                           Lowlands
Neck           a gravedigger's cloak +1 Con                       Lowlands
Finger         Metal rings +1 Int                                       Goblin Path
                  a rat's skull ring +1 str/+4 hp                        Tournament Camps
Body          Goblin ceremonial robes +1 Wis                   Goblin Path
Wield         A Graduation <weapon> +1 Con/+1 Wis       Lowlands
Hold          Adventurers' Guild Diploma +1 Con/+1 Wis   MUDschool

Hallowed lights may contain a few stats and do not flicker/go out. Ask
on barter channel for one (see 'help barter'). Also, 'help garbage can'
will explain how to get a portal that will take you directly to Recall.

Some clans also offer newbie bags, complete sets of level 1 clan equipment.
Type 'who crusader' or 'who cabal' and politely ask one for a bag. Note
that some gear may have alignment restrictions- see 'help alignment' and
try to keep yourself on the side of Good.

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Page 8

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==[ Aardwolf Adventurer's Guide: Frequently Asked Questions ]====== (page8)

The following are some common questions asked by many new players.

Q: I just levelled and there's no exits. What do I do?
A: Once you reach level 6, you will no longer be able to move in MUDschool
or the Lowlands. You will have to recall and find somewhere else to
level. Some suggestions are listed on page 6 of this guide.

Q: Can I die of hunger/thirst?
A: No. However, your regeneration rates will be much slower while hungry or
thirsty. Buy some food and/or drink liquids (like from the fountain near
recall) to help fill you up.

Q: How do I see what I'm wearing, what I'm carrying, how much gold I have,
and other information about my character?
A: 'equipment', 'inventory', 'worth', and 'score'/'whois', respectively.

Q: Can you give me (gold/spells/equipment/quest information/levels)?
A: To be fair, the Helpers are not allowed to help newbies in any way other
than with corpse retrievals (see 'help cr') and providing information.
Their job is to make you more self-sufficient as you continue your MUD
career here on Aardwolf. You'll have to ask on a different channel.

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